Mitel In-building Mobility Solutions

Get more done in the corridor, the conference room or wherever you roam.

Within the office, many workers are constantly on the move and need real-time communications.

Office managers, doctors and nurses, customer service representatives, security personnel, and other "corridor warriors" must be free to move between departments, meeting rooms, and other locations in a building, yet still remain responsive to business and handle critical escalations.

An in-office experience anywhere in the building

Mitel Mobility Solutions meet these users' needs with full-featured, integrated solutions that are not tied to a single device or to one location.

Mitel solutions for in-the-building mobility include:

  • Hot desking. Employees can log into any onsite Mitel IP Phone to access personal preferences and have calls routed to them.
  • Personal area solutions. Cordless accessories and peripherals to extend the range of employee personal areas, while still communicating via their desk phone.
  • Premises-wide solutions. Straightforward, secure, quality voice and messaging performance via DECT or Wi-Fi® that can be integrated with business and service processes.

Staying connected and productive

Mitel solutions for in-office mobility provide organizations with:

  • Enhanced productivity and business efficiency. Extend productivity benefits of mobile communications on the premises, integrating them with value-added applications and business process systems.
  • Improved customer service. Staff are reachable wherever they are, without needing to use paging and similar systems. The organization is more reachable, responsive, and accountable, and customers get the superior service they deserve.
  • Cost control. Control and manage mobile communication costs on the premises. Once the infrastructure is deployed, internal and external mobile calling is essentially free, with the added benefit that usage is subject to the same class of service privileges as the wired communication system.
  • A safer, more secure workplace. Ensure the security of staff in traditional high-risk environments, as well as in healthcare, education, manufacturing, security, and retail establishments.
  • Flexible deployment. Easily add wireless IP handsets to an existing Mitel IP communications platform or to legacy PBX environments by using a Mitel IP communications platform as a wireless gateway.

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