Virtual MCD (VMCD)

Mitel has forged a new paradigm in virtualized voice and data desktop solutions, and is providing businesses globally with unprecedented operating cost savings, simplified IT management, enhanced security and business continuity. Founded on tightly integrated partnerships with VMware® and ORACLE, Mitel is delivering best-in-class mission-critical virtualized voice and desktop applications to reside alongside other enterprise business applications in mainstream data center environments.

Continuing to build on the platform for virtualized voice with the introduction of the Virtual Mitel Communications Director (Virtual MCD), Mitel and VMware, have delivered the first real-time trusted voice application designed for the VMware Sphere 4 platform. Mitel is further extending the virtualized voice solution with VMWare View to offer the next evolution in desktop virtualization.

With the introduction of Mitel call control on ORACLE servers and the Mitel Unified IP Client for Sun Ray™, Mitel and ORACLE delivered the first ultra thin desktop solution, providing a simplified, device-secure authentication source for voice and data hot-desking and mobility.

Mitel provides businesses with the freedom to communicate on your own terms - to tailor your business communications to your unique needs, not the other way around.

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