October 2017

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Techtoberfest 2017 BSB Expo

We at BSB Communications want to thank all the attendees for joining the 3rd Annual Technology Expo. We had more than 150 clients and prospects register to attend Techtoberfest. We hope you enjoyed learning about a variety of technology solutions during the 18 educational breakout sessions, interacting with Mitel Executives, engaging with nine other industry partners that were Exhibiting, gained knowledge through demonstrations of exciting new Mitel products and enjoyed the delicious food and beverages while networking with the entire BSB Team. A special Congratulations to all our door prize winners. Thanks to the generosity of all of our sponsors we were able to give away some cool items; including a Go Pro Camera, a couple of Fire tablets, an LG Watch, an Amazaon Echo and a number of gift cards.

This event was a huge success thanks to all of you who attended and interacted with our industry partners, BSB Team Members and Mitel Executives. We hope that you found the expo informative and worthwhile.

Your presence helped to make this event a great success, your enthusiasm and positive spirit helped make our time together both productive and fun.

Be sure to take a minute and check out the photos from Techtoberfest on our BSB Facebook Page. Click on the link to view and be sure to like our page!

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We hope to see you next year at the 4th Annual Technology Expo.

Software Assurance Corner

Introducing Mitel's New Phone Manager with an Exclusive 1/3 Off to BSB Customers Only!

MiVoice Office Application Suite

Those of you who attended our Tech Expo were fortunate to meet Jimmy Lim, who is the MiVoice Office Product Line Manager for Mitel. Jimmy led a breakout session that concluded with a special offer on the Mitel MiVoice 250 Phone Manager. He shared how Mitel is continuing to deliver solutions to address market requirements, improving user productivity and enhancing the service they offer to their customers in the SMB market.

He also gave us a sneak peek on the latest advances and what will be coming out in the next software release in the first quarter of 2018. With the introduction of Call Recording, in the last Mitel software release, one of the key features will be the Enhancement of Mitel's Phone Manager and the Mitel Application Suites. This will include the ability to add the new 6900 Series phones to the platform.

Those who attended the event also received an exclusive offer from BSB and Mitel on the Phone Manager Starter kit. However, for our customers that were not able to take advantage of that offer, BSB is offering the Phone Manager starter kit for a 1/3 off the sale price through November 30th. Click here or contact your Account Executive for more details.

  • Mitel Phone Manager Enhancements
    • PC Group Chat
    • Toolbar with DSS/BLF support
    • Outbound CPN Mapping
    • DB lookup / Destination Based
    • Call Routing (CLI DB lookup)
  • MiVO Application Suite R5.1
    • MiVO Call Reporter (Real-time support)
    • Wallboard & Dashboard options
    • Mac's & Mobile devices: smartphones & tablets
    • DND and Agent Status reporting

BSB's Noise Masking for Office Privacy

BSB's Noise Masking for Office Privacy

BSB co-founder, Bill Nutting, led a breakout session at this year's Technology Expo. Bill talked about the importance of noise masking in the workplace and all the benefits of a well-designed sound masking system.

What is noise masking? It helps to address privacy and disruption by distributing a comfortable, engineered background sound throughout your workplace environment. Research conducted over the last decade shows that poor acoustics is the number one cause of workplace dissatisfaction and the most significant factor affecting employee performance. Researchers also found a strong link between workplace dissatisfaction and speech privacy levels. Many employees are disturbed by people talking on telephones or in surrounding areas. And they are concerned by the fact that others can hear their private conversations.

The goal for noise masking is to add privacy and to reduce distraction. When we hear sounds that we understand, we naturally want to listen. We naturally "tune out" sounds that are not important or understandable. While white noise systems are effective maskers, they are also effective irritants due to poor quality of sounds and are soon turned down or off. Pink noise is a sound similar to white noise but rather than being constant in volume, it decreases at a steady rate as frequency increases. Pink noise is less hissy than white noise. Studies have shown that using pink noise is far less fatiguing than white noise. In fact, most people don't even realize when they are in a pink noise environment.

If you would like to learn more about what BSB has to offer click here.

Carrier Connections

US Signal

BSB has always focused on developing strong working relationships with key strategic partners. Over the past few months, we have been showcasing those partners in our newsletter. US Signal is one of those partners. In today's industry Cyber Attacks are an everyday occurrence. When this happens vital information to your business can be compromised.

Demand for DRaaS solutions continues to grow due to the increasing importance of data to most business operations and the rising threat of cyber-attacks and other disasters that can result in data loss. According to Gartner, a leading research and advisory company, the current value of the DRaaS market is $2.02 billion and could reach $3.73 billion by 2021.

US Signal has established a strong reputation in the IT service industry for its data protection solutions, including DRaaS. The company recently upgraded to Zerto software that powers its DRaaS solution. Among the benefits of the Zerto 5.0 software is that it can accommodate hypervisor-based "one-to-many" replication for protecting multiple workloads across different data center sites.

With Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), your primary production environment will be continuously replicated to a US Signal cloud environment or between two US Signal virtual data centers. When needed, a fully replicated instance of your environment can be deployed with just the click of a button.

US Signal's fully managed DRaaS solution is available in two service tiers — premium and standard — so customers can choose the level that's most appropriate for their specific applications, business requirements and budget.

  • Full managed DR
  • Near-continuous block-level replication
  • Built to HIPAA and PCI standards
  • Reverse replication to source site during failover for data synchronization
  • Recover individual apps or entire data centers in minutes

New DRaaS Promotion

To kick off the launch of its DRaaS service tiers, US Signal is offering one free month of DRaaS and complimentary onboarding for contracts of 12 months or longer signed by December 31, 2017. The offer applies to both the standard and premium service tiers. For more information click here.

A Word From BSB's Telecom Ambassador – Craig Hodges

If Disaster Strikes Will Your Business Continue to Run?

Craig Hodges

For the past four decades Liberty Union Life Assurance Company, based out of Madison Heights, Michigan, has been serving small to mid-sized businesses. Specializing in providing employee life and health insurance benefits, communication is essential to Liberty Union's business.

Eighteen years ago, Liberty Union owner, Chris Mazur, purchased a call center platform from BSB Communications. In 2007 Chris deployed remote IP agent technology in order to improve and retain his agent quality. (In 2013 The Gartner Group had an article that stated 66% of at home agents have a college degree vs. 13% of in-house agents) Mazur's decision was based on the idea that allowing employees to work remotely from home would expand the geographic area talented workers could be recruited from and also allow current employees more flexibility in their workday, increasing retention.

During a significant Detroit-area flood in August of 2014, Chris Mazur realized another benefit of his decision to implement remote workers - disaster recovery. Madison Heights was one of the hardest hit areas, with hundreds of buildings underwater. Liberty's building was uninhabitable. Despite the unusual circumstances, Liberty's business was uninterrupted and continued as usual. Onsite workers smoothly transitioned to their home offices. Even the call center did not miss a beat by merely utilizing their home high-speed Internet access and the extra desk phone available at home. Mazur is delighted with his VoIP technology and even though he experienced a total facility loss business was not interrupted.

Our next move in order to keep Liberty Union ahead of the curve is a hybrid-hosted solution. A hybrid-hosted solution brings all the cost savings associated with owning a telephony solution along with all the benefits of a hosted platform.

BSB Business Buzz

The TWB Company

The TWB Company business philosophy is simple and straight forward... 100% customer satisfaction and zero defects! That same standard was applied when we began our search for a communication partner. BSB Communications has a great reputation as a Mitel Solutions provider. Their proven in-depth knowledge base allowed us to develop a complete solution that addressed our demanding work environment.

Virtual technology was in the early stages when we deployed a virtual Mitel voice application. We required a solution that could keep our key staff members connected 24/7. We also took advantage of VoIP technology for seamless transparency between multiple facilities.

Brad Atherton
Network Operations Manager

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